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Here's How CNN's Great Big Story Plans to Stand Out in the Crowded Digital Video Space

Cable network's play for millennials

With the digital video space becoming more and more crowded by the day, just how will CNN's Great Big Story, the online video initiative launched yesterday, set itself apart? "So many…

Could Kool-Aid Man Really Bust Through a Brick Wall? Science Finally Has an Answer

Will he survive, and what will be left of him?

The Kool-Aid man's explosive antics have been unquestionably cool since he busted through his first wall in the 1970s. But could he possibly survive such a dramatic entrance? Wouldn't he shatter…

The Wackiest Sports Endorsements Ever

Weird jock-brand mashups

Marketers have long banked on the star power of pro athletes to sell stuff. Here, some of the weirdest jock-brand mashups of all time. Muhammad Ali for d-Con In 1980, “The…

Kool-Aid Man Gets a Makeover, Going All-CGI and Showing Off His Fabulous Flavored Pants

New look at 59 years old

The world's most famous spokespitcher, the Kool-Aid Man, just got a glassy makeover to help promote the brand's new sugar-free liquid drink mix. The Kool-Aid Man, who's been around since…

Perspective: Color Me Thirsty

Kool-Aid's always boasted of a slew of flavors—but taste has never really been the point

Most shoppers have never heard of Edwin Perkins, nor the dubious assortment of potions and elixirs—including a purported smoking cure called Nix-O-Tine—that he sold via his mail-order company in Nebraska…

Meet the Voice of the Kool-Aid Man, Who Also Taught Madonna How to Sing

It's the multitalented Frank Simms

Professional voice acting seems to be a pretty fascinating career—or at least, it has been for Frank Simms, the voice of the Kool-Aid Man, among other brand characters. Simms's exploits…

The return of Kool-Aid's pitch(er) man

The Kool-Aid Man is back! The disgusting CGI of the '90s is finally gone and Kool-Aid Man is once again a dude in an oversized suit. And though he's no…