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Can Amazon's Lady Gaga Discount Boost Competition With Apple?

Not in the long run, analysts say

In an effort to compete with Apple’s dominance in digital music sales, Amazon is luring in customers with a huge discount on Lady Gaga’s new album, Born This Way, released…

Gaga Frenzy Paralyzes Amazon

Promotional deal hits pause on downloading

Those little monsters waiting patiently for Lady Gaga’s latest album may have to wait a bit longer if they want to buy the tracks on Amazon. The company’s one-day, 99-cent…

Spotify Rolls Out iTunes Rival

Innovations give Apple a run for its money

iTunes might finally have some competition. Today Spotify launched the trifecta: its own version of the iTunes store, iPod syncing capability, and an app that allows users to access their…

Has Apple Beaten Google to the Music Cloud?

Search giant's development of its media locker has hit roadblocks

Apple has completed work on a cloud-based online music storage service, according to sources within the company who have spoken to Reuters. Google has also been developing its own music…

Rock Band Storms Your iTunes, Disses Your Collection

Rock bands that attempt marketing stunts are usually on the nerdy side. Think Weezer or OK Go. But now, a Parisian band named (not very innovatively) the Parisians is going…