Topic: Internet Explorer 10

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Nov. 30 - Dec. 7

Internet Explorer trolls itself, Santas go surfing, and GE gets the robots moving

This week, Bing bashed Google for "Scroogling" your holiday shopping searches, StubHub's ticket tree mourned its piney and formerly ornamented cousin, and Expedia unleashed a rare commercial that will have…

Screengrab of troll from ad for Internet Explorer 10

Ad of the Day: Internet Explorer

A troll finds his softer side in new spot for Microsoft's browser

Hey look, it’s an Internet troll, getting all troll-ish on Microsoft. Because what better target is there for a geeky bully than a bloated legacy tech company with sub-par products.…

Voice: To Track, or Not to Track

By launching its latest browser with tracking off, Microsoft believes it will enhance Web advertising's value

It has become undeniably clear that the digital marketing industry is at an inflection point between the old world and the new. In the past, online users were anonymous, insights were…