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Hillary Clinton Releases a Powerful New Ad With Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado

The spot tells her story referenced in the debate

Monday night, during the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it was no accident that Clinton pointed out Trump's treatment of Alicia Machado.  "One of the worst things…

The Stars of Will & Grace Just Reunited for a Hilarious Pitch to Get You to Vote for Hillary

10-minute scene is delightful

Can Will and Grace convince you to cast your vote for Hillary Clinton this November?  A new mini-reunion episode of the sitcom that starred Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and…

Here’s What Really Matters When It Comes to Political Digital Video Campaigns

Reports show what voters view and which ads resonate

To Scott Goodstein, the world of political advertising for a high-stakes campaign like the current presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump comes down to just three things: "Time,…

Hillary Clinton Just Went on Between Two Ferns, and It's Hilarious

'Any regrets over losing the Scott Baio vote?'

I really regret doing this," Hillary Clinton declares about halfway through her new Between Two Ferns interview with Zach Galifianakis. But of course, that's more than a bit disingenuous, as…

This Year's Presidential Debates Could Bring In the Biggest Audiences Ever

'Multimillion-dollar revenue night' expected for ad sales

The three 2016 presidential debates and the one vice presidential debate will air on a dozen TV networks this year. They're 90 minutes apiece, and all of them are commercial-free. But…

Hillary Clinton Just Made the Best Use of Silent Autoplay With This Social Video Ad

Deaf activist Nyle DiMarco's memorable spot

If you're on one of the three major social networks, you're used to videos that play automatically when you scroll through your feed. In fact, you're probably so used to…

These Creatives Took It Upon Themselves to Make the Pro-Hillary Video 'We Trump Hate'

Campaign puts positive spin on negative election cycle

Imagine a future "where minorities are the majority," people build more bridges than walls and education beats incarceration, a not-too-distant future where addiction is seen as a "crisis and not…

Abe Lincoln Trashes Clinton and Trump in This Insane Ad for Libertarian Gary Johnson

Harmon Brothers strike again

And now for something completely different in an election season dominated by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—a political ad starring "Dead Abe Lincoln" telling voters they "just got screwed" by…

Clinton Fires Back on Race With Ad Featuring Trump's Own Comments About 'the Blacks'

'Look at my African American over here'

Donald Trump hasn't been mincing words with his views on Hillary Clinton's race relations, calling her "a bigot" during a Mississippi campaign stop this week. Given that Trump's support among black voters…

Clinton's New Ad Offers a Dark, Apocalyptic Look at the Weight of Trump's Words

'All it takes is one wrong move'

Continuing her tactic of using Donald Trump's own words against him, Hillary Clinton today rolled out an ad that rather bluntly warns that his rhetoric could draw America into nuclear…