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This Gym's Reserved Parking Spots for Members Are the Farthest Ones From the Door

Anytime Fitness extends your workout

Parking a few steps from the gym door is kind of like ordering a cheeseburger and a diet Coke. Isn't it? Anytime Fitness won't dictate where its members leave their wheels,…

Gold's Gym Terminates Franchisee Whose Ad Said a Pear 'Is No Shape for a Girl'

Egyptian location's post sparked global backlash

Gold's Gym is acting quickly today to defuse a PR crisis sparked by an Egyptian franchisee who created a social media post that showed a pear and said "This Is…

Gym Creates 'Fit Nesting Dolls' to Show How You'll Shrink as You Exercise More

Brick wants newbies to stick with it

Lots of people join a gym at the beginning of the year, then quit within a few months. To keep customers coming back, CrossFit chain Brick and agency BBDO New York…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover at Gold's Gym in Amusing Charity Video

He's getting used to disguises

Given the rough few years he's had lately, it's not surprising Arnold Schwarzenegger might want to be someone else for a while. He's making a habit of it, anyway. The Governator,…

Planet Fitness Parodies the Insanity of Rigorous Fitness Classes at Other Gyms

Skip the Pilatatumba

Planet Fitness is back with the latest spot in its campaign against "gymtimidation." This time, we peek in on an unnamed competitor, where an insanely pumped-up instructor is leading a class…

Working Out at Equinox Will Make You Tough, Naked and a Little Dumb

Robert Wyatt shoots W+K ads

Getting ripped at a luxury gym will make you want to get more naked everywhere, says luxury gym Equinox. OK, if your prerequisite for being comfortable getting more naked everywhere is…

Gym Ad Skips the Beautiful Bodies, Goes With a Weathered Biker in His Underwear

Virgin Active promotes living 'without fear or restraint'

Fitness chain Virgin Active brings a free-spirited, born-to-be-wild attitude to this minute-long spot, showing a determined guy in underpants riding a motorbike at high speed across a dusty South African…

New York Sports Clubs Urges Kim Jong-un to Blow Off Steam by Exercising

Gym chain's latest snarky ad

North Korean strongman lardass Kim Jong-un should take some advice from New York Sports Clubs: "Exercise reduces aggression and makes you more attractive to others. Join today." The gym franchise,…

Agency Replaces Client's Website With Nasty Letter After Not Getting Paid

Frank Jonen hijacks Fitness SF

You may dream about this, but no one ever does it. Until now. Frank Jonen, who runs his own small Web design company, claims he wasn't paid properly by Fitness…

Planet Fitness Sticks Up for Pluto in Open Letter to NASA

Interplanetary love from Red Tettemer

Planet Fitness is all about making you feel good about yourself, without all the hard-core B.S. of traditional gyms. That attitude is central to the brand's new ad campaign from…