Topic: Google Creative Sandbox

What's So Good About 'Dumb Ways to Die'? From JWT CCO Matt MacDonald

This is a periodic installment that asks an agency guru to highlight a project from Google's Creative Sandbox, an online gallery of standout campaigns that blend creativity and technology. Matt MacDonald Chief…

June 17, 2013, 11:20 PM EDT

A Bridge Notorious for Suicides Is Transformed in a Creative Project CCO Susan Credle on Bridge of Life

My Pick: Bridge of Life Samsung Life Insurance, Korea In a Nutshell: A bridge with a high suicide rate is transformed into a bridge of hope with technology. Why I Wish I…

March 18, 2013, 10:12 PM EDT

Wish I Did That Johnny Vulkan founding partner, Anomaly

In a Nutshell: A virtual race between men and women, merging 3-D visualization with real-time user running data, incentivizing Nike+ runners to run more. Why I Wish I Did It:…

February 13, 2013, 6:29 AM EST