Topic: Google Chrome

Android Head Andy Rubin Stepping Away

Chrome lead Pichai to take over Google’s mobile operating system

The head of Google’s Android mobile operating system Andy Rubin was supposed to speak during this past week’s South by Southwest Interactive conference. A few days before the scheduled appearance,…

JAM With Chrome Brings Agoraphobic Rock Stars Together

Google's online music-playing app

Hey, Google Chrome, are you ready to rock?! The answer is a resounding "Sort of!"—thanks to an interactive Web app called JAM With Chrome, which uses Google's browser and various…

Google Chrome Sends Grieving Daughter to College in New Ad

As if freshman year weren't hard enough

This latest Chrome spot from Google Creative Lab and BBH in New York—part of the brand's long-running and generally excellent "The Web is what you make of it" campaign—doesn't skimp…

Does Google's Developer Get-Together Matter to Madison Avenue?

The company's agency envoy explains why it should

Google this week held its annual Google I/O conference for developers, during which it showed off Google Glass X Games-style, unveiled its own tablet and streaming media device, party-rocked Google+…

Microsoft and Mozilla Launch ‘Firefox With Bing’

New browser to challenge Google Chrome

Mozilla has teamed up with Microsoft to launch a new version of the Firefox browser using Microsoft’s Bing as the integrated search option. The deal comes just a few weeks…

Facebook Blocks 'Friend Exporter' Tool

It could interfere with Facebook's terms of service

CNET is reporting that Facebook is actively trying to block the Google Chrome extension Facebook Friend Exporter, which lets users export their list of Facebook friends and contact info for…