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Tiny Man Frolics in Giant Cleavage in Fiat Ad

Pure class from Leo Burnett

A new campaign by Leo Burnett Argentina promotes the Fiat Palio as "The car for the best time of your life," even if you're the kind of shallow moron who…

Charlie Sheen Storms Back With Great Ads for DirecTV, Fiat

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you funnier

There was always a pretty good chance that Charlie Sheen, if he made it through last year's haze alive, would eventually make a return to reputable advertising—meaning not just borderline-incoherent…

VH1 Produces 'Pop-Up Video' Version of Fiat Commercial

'Seduction' spot gets bubble treatment

Fiat's "Seduction" ad for its 500 Abarth subcompact may have impressed attendees at the Los Angeles Auto Show when it premiered there last month, but it hasn't had much of…

Jennifer Lopez Still Trying to Convince You She Drives a Fiat

Tools around the Bronx in second spot

She's just Jenny from the block? Come on, no one believes that. And you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks Jennifer Lopez actually drives a teeny-tiny $20,000 Fiat.…

Fiat ad takes brainstorming to the next level

This can't be a real Fiat commercial (can it?), but take a look anyway. Yes, it's a real mindfuck. Hopefully the medical students who surely put this together cleaned…

Fiat makes green pitch via crash-test panda

I'm kind of surprised this (literally) panda-bashing Fiat ad from Marcel Paris hasn't sparked any significant outrage yet. Quite the opposite: It won a gold Lion at Cannes. If they…