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Forever 21 Unveils a Giant, Crazy Machine That Re-creates Your Instagram Photos in Thread

Breakfast's latest feat of engineering

If you want to see your next selfie brought to life as a real-time mosaic of moving thread, Forever 21 and Breakfast are happy to help—and the results are pretty…

Trussardi Designed These Fashionable Cans and Bottles for Coca-Cola's 100th Birthday

A summer of cool

It's been a full century since Coca-Cola approved the Root Glass Company's contour bottle design that would become the soft drink brand's trademark. So, to pat themselves on the back,…

Fascinating Time-Lapse Videos Show How High-Fashion Retouching Is Really Done

Beautiful or ruinous?

It's become conventional wisdom that Photoshopping of models creates an impossible standard of beauty. But one retoucher seems inclined to vindicate the process somewhat by peeling back the curtain on…

Here's the Story Behind Those Idiotic 'Plastique' High-End Plastic Pants

Bizarre creation was, of course, a hoax

Maybe you saw the billboard, or the documentary about Frank La Rant, or the lookbook. If so, you were probably disappointed to learn that Plastique, the high-end plastic pants supposedly…

Liv Tyler and Chloe Sevigny Get Poetic, '90s Style, in a High Fashion Ad That Outdoes Itself

Retro artsy for Proenza Schouler

The back-to-the-'90s trend collides with today's hip fashion scene in "Legs Are Not Doors," a short film by Harley Weir touting Proenza Schouler's spring 2015 collection. Liv Tyler, Chloe Sevigny and…

Mikhail Baryshnikov Dances With Lil Buck in Masterfully Edited Fashion Ad From Rag & Bone

Dancers four decades apart

Rag & Bone designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright opted to eschew the usual runway show and instead showcase their fall 2015 collection with a short film. Why? Because "runway shows…

Natalie Portman, a Runaway Bride, Gets a Helicopter Rescue in Miss Dior Ad

Director Anton Corbijn says his vision is a feminist one

In this attractive new Miss Dior spot, Natalie Portman outdoes Julia Roberts' runaway bride by nabbing a helicopter after she ditches her groom at the altar. Portman's escape, soundtracked by…

Without Men, Women Would Be Uncivilized Pigs, Says Fashion Site's Shocking Ad (NSFW)

DLV BBDO's bizarre vision for Parisian Gentleman

Here's one way to get attention with a gender-themed advertisement. The fashion website Parisian Gentleman just unveiled its first commercial, and it has an unusual premise indeed: It posits that in…

Joan Didion, 80, Is the Star Model in Fashion Brand Céline's New Campaign

For those who aren't into Bieber's CK ads

Lit nerds and fashionistas alike adore Joan Didion, so it only makes sense that French fashion brand Céline has anointed the 80-year-old author as its latest poster girl. Donning her famous oversized…

Gap's New Celebrity Ads Tell Us to 'Dress Normal.' What Does That Mean, Exactly?

Redefining the whole concept

See this Gap ad with Anjelica Huston? How would you describe her look? Stylish? Sophisticated? Exceptional? Not according to Gap, which, as you can see, chooses a more unlikely word:…