Topic: Ethics

Bloomberg Beta to Focus on Startups

New fund's launch raises ethics questions

Bloomberg L.P., the parent company of Bloomberg News, has launched a $75 million venture capital fund on Wednesday. The fund, VentureBeat reports, is called Bloomberg Beta and will focus on…

Criticism of N.Y. Post, Photographer Rages On

Subway photo reappears on tabloid's cover

The tragic death of the man pushed onto subway tracks in Manhattan on Monday spawned a nationwide debate on journalistic ethics thanks to the New York Post’s decision to run…

Licensing Fees Strike Again

ABC pays $10K or more for use of Weiner photos

If a story is juicy enough, the TV news outlets will open their checkbooks. The most recent example: the revelation that ABC paid between $10,000 and $15,000 in licensing fees for the…

The Dizzying Tale of the Botox Mom

'GMA' licenses photos of event that may have been staged

The story of ABC's Good Morning America and the Botox Mom has become the latest tabloid licensing tale to explode in the wake of Adweek's report last week on little-known…

Do you need ethics to work in advertising?

Advertising is already short on heroes, and it may have lost another one. Veteran creative director Dave Trott, shown here, author of the brilliantly written How to Get Your First…