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The Soup Sums Up Michael Bay's CES Meltdown

VideoWatch's Stupid Awesome video of the week

We didn't really have to search hard for this week's Stupid Awesome video of the week. Michael Bay's bizarre CES meltdown made things easy. Naturally, on YouTube there are already lots…

The Problem With the Bachelor Spoof Burning Love

Creator says many viewers think the show is real

When it comes to spoofing reality hit The Bachelor, Erica Oyama may have done too good a job. When Oyama and her husband, actor/comedian Ken Marino, created Burning Love for Yahoo, the…

Snoop Dogg stirring up the anti-cat masses

Continuing the day's cat theme, here's a humorous promo for Snoop Dogg's Father Hood that presents the E! show as a refuge of sorts for people who hate felines. Via…