Topic: Dimassimo Goldstein

DiMassimo Goldstein Shakes Up Leadership Structure

Adds new chief creative officer, chief strategy officer

New York-based DiMassimo Goldstein made changes to its leadership team, naming Tom Christmann its new chief creative officer. He took the reigns from Mark DiMassimo, who served as the agency’s…

EverBank Hires a New Creative Shop

DiMassimo Goldstein succeeds Carton Donofrio Partners

A bank whose lead agency closed has found a new home. DiMassimo Goldstein and its subsidiary, Proove Accountable Media, have landed creative and media responsibilities for EverBank, an online player that's…

Bottled water is the most evil thing on earth

The anti-bottled-water project known as Tappening has unveiled a campaign in which it tells lies about bottled water in order to illuminate the supposed dishonesty in the category's marketing…