Topic: David & Goliath

A Man Rides His Favorite Number Into the Sunset in This California Lottery Ad

A surprisingly lucky life approach

David&Goliath's new ad for the California Lottery focuses on a man who's quirkily obsessed with the number five—including waking up at 5:55 a.m., living at 555 5th Street, and basically…

Pierce Brosnan Drives a Whole Different Kind of Getaway Car in Kia's Super Bowl Ad

No explosions, only fireworks

Kia has released an extended version of its 60-second Super Bowl ad, and it's a really fun spot with Pierce Brosnan that manages to have its cake and eat it,…

Kia Hamsters Go Back in Time, Liven Up an 18th Century Opera

Too many notes? Not for this campaign

The attack of the 40-foot hamsters has worked really well for Kia, with the automaker now regularly picking the big screen as the place to debut new ads for the…

Does This Odd Man Make You Want to Watch Football?

Blue-suited dandy is NFL's strange new spokesman

Usually when I want to watch the goofy antics of a middle-aged guy with weird fake facial hair wearing an ugly three-piece suit, I take a look in the mirror.…