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Weather Says Its Mobile Ad Business Is Growing Faster Than Google

Exec says banners are tough but mobile branding works

Last week, Adweek wrote about a Dartmouth study on mobile advertising (Top 7 Reasons Why Mobile Ads Don't Work). Curt Hecht, chief global revenue at Weather, came back with a…

Advertisers Ready to Make an Impression

Web ad business finally moves to a new measurement standard, but it could get messy

In early 2013, the online ad industry will finally rally around the concept of viewable impressions—just don’t expect everyone to hop on board at once. As part of the Making Measurement…

VivaKi's Hecht to Head Weather Channel's Ad Businesses

Exec worked at Publicis for 20 years before taking new post

The Weather Channel Companies has appointed Publicis vet Curt Hecht its new chief global revenue officer, with Kurt Unkel taking over Hecht's position as president of the VivaKi Nerve Center.…