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To Better Prepare Grads for Real Social Media Jobs, This Agency Created a College Class

VML partners with Mizzou on advanced strategy course

Global marketing agency VML noticed recent graduates entering the advertising workforce hadn't quite mastered social media. Fresh out of college, they understood Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as it applied to their…

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your First Job in Advertising

Prove you can get things done, then ask for more

The advertising industry is ripe with opportunities for new talent. Whether you are graduating from college, worked in a different field or just have a passion for writing, storytelling, technology…

Red Bull's College Marketing Whiz Strikes Out on His Own

Fights misperception of undergrad audience with a holistic approach

After seven years working for Red Bull, and some two leading North American efforts on the brand’s much vaunted college marketing program, Mike Poznansky is striking out this week to…

Perspective: College Daze

When it comes to selling parents on saving for college, there's just one thing you need to do: Freak them out

According to government statistics, the cost of housing, clothing and feeding one child until the age of 18 is just shy of $227,000—not including higher education. And that cost, as…