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We Ask an Expert: Why Do Dogs Dominate the Super Bowl?

How familiarity and comfort create advertising gold

With a cute canine-powered commercial from Budweiser chewing up its competition ahead of the big game, I decided to ask dog expert Brian Hare why a pooch is so often…

CarMax Re-creates Its Super Bowl Ad Shot for Shot With Puppies

'Slow Clap' for humans, 'Slow Bark' for dogs

It's the eternal Super Bowl conundrum: Make a funny ad with people, or make a funny ad with puppies? If you're CarMax, you do both. For its first Super Bowl appearance…

CarMax discovers quite theatrical creatures!

BooneOakley unleashed its "Dramatically smart" campaign for CarMax via local ad buys during Sunday's Super Bowl, showing various animals reacting with astonishment at the deals offered by the…