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Cards Against Humanity Got 30,000 People to Buy Actual Shit for $6 a Box on Black Friday

No, they weren't kidding

Cards Against Humanity always does something fun on Black Friday. This year, it sold boxes of bullshit—actual bullshit—to 30,000 people, many of whom were surprised to receive a box of…

Extreme Oatmeal? Not Real, but the Gamers at Pax East Didn't Know That

Cards Against Humanity's latest trick

Pwnmeal Extreme Gaming Oatmeal goes way beyond steel cut. This hot, lumpy cereal is EXTREME!!! Alas, the caffeinated glop won't be coming to breakfast aisles anytime soon. The "official porridge of…

Q&A: How Cards Against Humanity Won the Holidays With a Whole Load of B.S.

Ben Hantoot recaps a special promotion

Cards Against Humanity's promotions are as bitingly sarcastic as the game itself—whether they're charging more for the game on Black Friday, experimenting with a "Pay what you want" model (which…

Can You Spot the BS Headlines in This Clickbait Quiz?

CentUp mocks the idiocy of today's hottest content

With so many clickbait headlines flooding social media these days—promising to blow your mind, make you cry or change your life forever—have we reached a point where people will literally…

This Brand Decided to Charge More on Black Friday, and People Loved It

Loyalty allows for a quick price hike

UPDATE: The sales figures are in, and CAH says it did just as well on Black Friday this year as last year—i.e., the price hike didn't hurt sales. But then,…

12 Christmas Presents for $12 Sounds Like a Whole Lot of B.S., and It Is

Cards Against Humanity's holiday stunt

You're not going to believe this bullshit. Cards Against Humanity created this holiday promotion called Holiday Bullshit, where they promised to send anyone 12 random gifts for $12. And they…

What People Will Really Pay for a Game When They Can Pay What They Want

Cards Against Humanity's holiday sales test

Ever wish you could buy 1,000 liters of boar sperm? How about a condom for every resident of El Paso, Texas? If so, you might want to create the next…