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How Jesus and His Marketing Team Came Up With the Craziest Ad Stunt in History

1one Production was there, evidently

Jesus Christ pulled off some pretty impressive brand stunts in his day: turning water into wine; healing the blind; feeding the multitude with the loaves and fishes. But when it…

Target's Exit From Canada Isn't a Failed Expansion. It's a Botched Invasion

Chain moved too fast and never bothered listening to the locals

The news that American big-box giant Target is throwing in the towel on its Canadian operations—shutting down 133 stores, laying off 17,000 employees, and writing down a $5.4 billion pretax…

Ad of the Day: Life Isn't Easy for a Man Made of Skittles in Candy Brand's Mockumentary

Struck by a rainbow

The best Skittles advertising has always been about anatomical oddities. The examples are endless: the sheepboys, the guy with the living beard, the man whose touch turns everything to Skittles,…

A Globe-Spanning Gift Was Secretly in Store for This London Bar Packed With Canadians

Air Canada buys everyone a round to remember

Wherever you travel around the world, you'll always find Canadians gathering together, sharing stories and racking up an impressive bar tab. But this batch was especially lucky. Last week, Air Canada…

This Great Billboard for a Magic Festival Is Like Its Own Little Magic Show

A mop with a mind of its own

Ever wonder what Harry Potter would do with an ad campaign? Have a look at this. The Quebec City Magic Festival wanted to make sure people noticed its billboard, so ad…

Mike Myers Does a Hilarious Sears Ad With His Brother, Who's Worked There for Decades

Star power for struggling chain's Canadian operation

Sears Canada is struggling mightily, but it has a secret weapon in a celebrity connection. Peter Myers has worked at Sears Canada for 32 years. And it turns out his brother…

Leo Burnett Motivates Employees by Making Them Do Shots and Slapping Them in the Face

Hard-hitting program gets great results

Here's the last parody video we're going to post from Strategy magazine's Agency of the Year event in Toronto. It's Leo Burnett's entry, and it seems the agency has found…

This Agency Is Livestreaming a Virtual Tour via a GoPro Strapped to a Dog's Back

Sniff out this place until 3 p.m.

It really is the best way to see an agency: the dog's-eye view. Toronto animation, design and VFX studio Crush did it last year, attaching a GoPro camera to its dog…

Canadian Regulators Back Off Plan to Impose a 'Netflix Tax'

Streaming service won't have to subsidize TV productions

Canada’s equivalent of the FCC has backed off trying to regulate Netflix by dropping a proposal that has become known as the "Netflix tax." The move could have significant implications for…

DDB Employees Read Mean Tweets About Their Ads

That campaign wasn't as great as you thought

DDB Canada takes a page from Jimmy Kimmel's playbook in this amusing video, in which employees read mean tweets about their work. The staffers seem both entertained and mildly horrified as…