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The 4 Types of Dads Marketers Need to Know This Father’s Day

Don't treat them as one big non-female cohort

Father's Day is upon us and, naturally, it is a time when marketers shift their gaze toward dads. We can expect big sales on cars, ties, khakis, 55-inch flatscreen TVs, grills,…

Infographic: How Key Lifestyle Brands Resonate With Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers

Almost everyone loves Enterprise and Southwest

Y&R BAV Worldwide asked consumers to choose their favorite brands in specific categories. "Consumers of all ages want brands to feel personalized and meaningful to them," said Y&R BAV president…

AARP Makes Its Site Safe for Advertisers

Launches new strategy to get ageist marketers in the door

Older Americans want you to know they’re worth marketers’ time, but apparently everyone hasn't gotten the memo. AARP knows that well, so it’s created a new deals section to entice them…