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When Will Every Mobile Device Be Hi-Def?

Mary Daily says the future is getting brighter

Digital video technology has gotten user-friendlier by leaps and bounds in the recent past, with the exception of download-to-own stores plagued with spotty authentication, kludgy interfaces and frustrated consumers who…

E-book Buyers Are 21% More Likely to Be Female

And other facts about digital entertainment

From e-books to streaming music, people are moving to digital formats for their entertainment. But not all are moving at the same pace. The way we buy may be as…

Hollywood Studios Make Cuts in Home Entertainment

Lagging DVD sales hurt employment

Ailing DVD sales are not only bad for bottom lines; they’re also bad for employment. Deadline Hollywood reports Warner Bros. laid off 50 employees from its home entertainment and consumer…

Microsoft taunts Apple over Blu-ray support

Now that Apple's Mac vs. PC ads have run their course, it's only fitting that Microsoft makes one. Way to keep up, guys.This video, touting the built-in Blu-ray player on…