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BuzzFeed Didn't Need TV to Make a Mighty Fine Election-Night TV Show for Millennials

Joined forces with Twitter for a new kind of coverage

On Tuesday night, BuzzFeed News showed the Twitter audience what election night coverage could look like for millennials. Meatballs, Ken Bone and Scandal's President Fitz all made an appearance on the…

The Native Advertising Argument Is Far From Over

Andrew Sullivan, Ben Smith face off in spirited debate

Every so often the stars align and the panel gods break the monotonous cycle of dispassionate, talking point-riddled "new media" discussions. Such was the case last night during a spirited…

Journalists Weigh in on 'Reporting it First'

Speed kills, but it is also part of the business

The relentless news landscape of micro scoops can swallow up even the most reputable news organizations and journalists. This afternoon in the increasingly self-referential world of media reportage, The New Republic's Amy…

Amid Tweets and Slide Shows, the Longform Still Thrives

How the form survives in this digital era

In the age of 140-character tweets, aggregated blog posts and throwaway slide shows, common sense says you can’t expect the Web generation’s ADD-addled minds to spend more than a few…

BuzzFeed Hires 'Rolling Stone' Editor Doree Shafrir to Oversee Culture

But the cat photos aren't going anywhere

Another week, another newsworthy hire at BuzzFeed. Today, the rapidly expanding social news site announced the hire of Doree Shafrir as executive editor from, where she was a senior…

BuzzFeed Lands $15.5 Million to Expand Content

Editor in chief Ben Smith building news team

Viral media and news site BuzzFeed, which made waves last month by snagging star Politico blogger Ben Smith as its new editor in chief, announced today that it raised $15.5…

BuzzFeed's Big Plans for Politico's Ben Smith

Site has quietly expanded into original reporting

Late last night, the news that Politico writer Ben Smith would be joining viral content site BuzzFeed as its new editor-in-chief sent waves through the media sphere. The partnership seemed…

Can Politico Win Again?

Blogger Ben Smith helped the site dominate the 2008 election cycle—but Twitter’s encroaching on its turf

Ben Smith has a problem. If there is such a thing as the prototypical political news blogger, then he’s it. Smith didn’t quite invent the form, but over the six years…