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Chilling Australian PSA Shows How Boys Learn Domestic Abuse ... and Girls Learn to Forgive

It starts with disrespect

Knocking a girl over isn't just flirting, a new PSA from Australia reminds us—it's an early sign of contempt for women that could lead to more serious acts later in…

KFC's Pixelated 'NSFW' Tweet Proves a Bit Too 'Hot & Spicy' for the Internet

Chain apologizes for smutty shot

Brand Twitter fails are few and far between these days, which is either good or bad, depending on your schadenfreude levels. But here's a bizarre and baffling one from Australia,…

The Bank That Made GAYTMs Has Now Given an Entire Branch a Fabulous Makeover

ANZ becomes GAYNZ

It's become common for brands of all kinds to show support for the LGBT community. And while efforts from Wells Fargo, Honey Maid and others have garnered headlines—particularly during Pride Month…

Ad of the Day: Grey Just Designed a Bicycle That Has the Symptoms of MS

Brilliant Australian campaign makes the disease feel real

This is a terrible bike to ride. Those are the first words you'll hear in "This Bike Has MS," a campaign by Grey Australia for nonprofit MS to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis…

Saatchi & Saatchi Defends Its Much-Ridiculed 'Stoner Sloth' Anti-Marijuana Ads

Agency says it welcomes the global attention

Amid the chorus of derision aimed at Australia's "Stoner Sloth" anti-marijuana ads, one group still wholeheartedly believes in the campaign—the agency behind it, Saatchi & Saatchi. "The videos have truly gone…

Australia's 'Stoner Sloth' Anti-Marijuana Campaign Is an Instant and Classic Fail

Young people love ads meant to shame them

There's a long and not-very-proud tradition of anti-drug advertising that gets ridiculed for missing the mark with young audiences. Australia's New South Wales government just added a classic new entry…

Already Hot in Australia, This Agency Means Business After Opening in New York

Cummins & Partners is expanding its global reach

Specs Who (L. to r.) Chief innovation and strategy officer Arwa Mahdawi, global CEO Sean Cummins and CCO Todd Irwin What Full-service ad agency Where New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Toronto Cummins &…

Life Is Still (Mostly) Hell for These Two Testicles in Their Third Underwear Ad Together

But thanks to Bonds, there's hope

After watching the third in a series of amusing ads for Australia's Bonds underwear, starring a pair of anthropomorphized testicles, it's becoming clear that things won't be getting much better…

How Slurpee Made Real 3-D Cups From the Soundwaves of Its Radio Ads

Burnett makes marketing you can drink from

If you could drink a Slurpee out of anything, would you choose a plastic cup modeled from the soundwaves of a radio ad? To celebrate Australia's Bring Your Own Cup Day—a…

Ad of the Day: Christmas Is (Mostly) Hell in the Season's Most Brutally Honest Commercial

Aldi tells it like it is

Here's a refreshingly honest Christmas ad from from Australia, in which supermarket chain Aldi acknowledges that we aren't all swimming in hugs and beautifully wrapped presents. The stress of the holidays…