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Your Life Should Be This Dreamy, Say 6 Beautiful New Ads for the Apple Watch

Because reality is just too messy

Get an Apple Watch, and replace the ice cream cone your daughter just dropped without even having to free your hands. In the first of six new beautifully designed Apple Watch…

Ikea Just Had the Perfect Reaction to the Apple Pencil

Nice topical ad from Singapore

Ikea Singapore continues its run of amusing advertising (which has included everything from the famous Bookbook catalog-as-gadget film to a slew of comical Facebook memes) with a quick-hit ad poking…

Here Are Apple's 8 Promo Videos From Today's Event, Including a :60 for the iPhone 6s

Anthem spots to guided tours

If you missed today's Apple event, get caught up with these eight promo videos showing off the sleek and shiny new toys. Most notably, there's the 60-second spot below for the…

Apple Pats Itself on the Back in These Oddly Self-Affirming iPhone Ads

A device that's loved by everyone

In case you were wondering, only an iPhone is an iPhone, says Apple in a head-scratching pair of new ads. "Loved" points out, unsurprisingly, that everyone who has an iPhone is…

This Is Surely the Most Strangely Beautiful iPhone Parody Ad Ever Made

A woman in need of an upgrade

What is the future of smartphones? Well, for one thing, they will reside inside your skull, not in your hand. And when they malfunction, your whole body will hiccup and…

Ben & Jerry's Has Brought Back Apple's '1984' as a Burrito Anthem for Stoners

Will this be the official snack of 4/20?

Parodies of Apple's "1984" continue to surface at the oddest of times—such as 4/20, America's unofficial day of marijuana appreciation. Ben & Jerry's has created the spot below to celebrate the…

This Watchmaker Does Not Care If You Pre-order a Damn Thing From Apple Today

Old-school grumpiness from Shinola

Traditional watchmakers are in a bit of a bind with the launch of the Apple Watch. Do they just ignore it, or do they make fun of it—and in so…

Apple Watch Gets a Series of 'Guided Tour' Videos Showing You Exactly How It Works

Countdown to April 24

Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump … Will your heart beat faster for the Apple Watch after you've previewed its hotness in four "guided tour" videos the company posted on Friday? Probably. Especially if, like…

Apple Watch May Be the Future, but Its First TV Ad Borrows From the Past

Familiar tactics from the playbook

For a product Apple hopes will be revolutionary, the first TV commercial for the Apple Watch, unveiled today, had an instantly recognizable style. And no wonder—it's a style that's gained…

Apple Is Putting Users' Beautiful iPhone 6 Photos on Billboards and Print Ads

77 photographers, 70 cities, 24 countries

Photos taken on iPhone 6 are so good, you can blow them up and put them on a billboard. That's the message of Apple's new "Shot on iPhone 6" print and…