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Amazon Will Open a Pop-Up Store in New York City

Hanging sign near Empire State Building

Amazon, a longtime foe of brick-and-mortar stores, is hanging out a real sign of its own in a planned New York City outlet. The e-tailer plans to set up a…

Study: ESPN Fans Big on Cars, Bars

Placed, Inc. survey matches TV outlets with store visits

If you happen to own a car dealership, you could do worse than buy advertising time on ESPN. Same principal applies if you’re a publican or barkeep. According to new research…

iPhone Ads Beating Samsung Galaxy III Spots

Ace Metrix 'Watch List' report favors Apple

All those Samsung Galaxy S III ads still haven’t pushed the iPhone off its tech throne, according to Ace Metrix’s Brand of the Year Watch List released today. Apple’s iPhone…

Dems Launch Privacy Probe of Social Networking Apps

Facebook, Twitter, Apple among those scrutinized

Address-gate is just getting started in Washington. Two leading Democrats launched an inquiry Thursday into the data collection practices of social apps for Apple devices, a big privacy issue that…

Disney Faces Post-Steve Jobs Future

Former Apple CEO is largest shareholder in media empire

Apple isn’t the only company that has to face some questions about its future in the wake of Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO. The grave health problems that led Jobs…

Apple's Controversial Success in China

Civil society highlights company's questionable practices

Apple products are becoming coffeehouse fixtures in China more than three years after the company opened the doors of its first store in Beijing. In a recently published piece, Foreign…

China Shuts Down Fake Apple Stores, but Not Because They're Fake

They didn't have proper business permits

Last week, an American blogger living in the China reported having stumbled upon three phony Apple stores in her hometown of Kunming. Now, Chinese officials have ordered some of the…

China's Latest Trend: Fake Apple Stores

One blogger found three knockoff locations in her town

China has long been known for its booming counterfeit industry, where it’s easy to find everything from fake designer handbags to cheap copies of DVDs. But one blogger is reporting…