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Sprint Turned a Wrecked Car Into a Mangled Emoji for This 'Don't Text and Drive' Sculpture

Artwork hits Miami

April was Distracted Driving Awareness month, and Sprint saved one of the most eye-catching PSA for last—unveiling the sculpture above in downtown Miami last Friday. Titled "The Last Emoji," it was…

Agency Copywriter Finally Stops Defending Kanye West, Creates #HelpKenyaNotKanye

America's most-hated rapper doesn't really need our charity

Kanye West and Donald Trump are two very different people who have dominated the media this month. The terrible twosome do, however, share several significant traits, including an uncanny knack for…

McDonald's the Musical Is Finally Here, and Leslie Grace Is Lovin' It

Young singer goes all out, as Alma targets Hispanic millennials

If you ever wanted to see a musical set in a McDonald's, your ship has come in. McDonald's lead Hispanic agency, Alma in Miami, on Thursday night will roll out "A…

McDonald's World Cup Ad Puts a Fun Family Spin on the U.S.-Mexico Rivalry

Diego Luna directs sweet spot

You can always count on McDonald's for more modest World Cup advertising—simple stories about family and friends, not flashy spots with overpaid stars. Some of it can be hokey, though…