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The 6 Manliest Fashion Brands of All Time [Video]

Robert Klara explains when it's alright for men to be fussy

What is it that makes a fashion item quintessentially manly? Historian and in-house Brand Genius Robert Klara talks us through the styles that will make a man of you.

6 Movies Don Draper Probably Watched [Video]

Ad guy flicks from the Mad Men decade

We watched him watching Planet of the Apes with his boy in Season 6, Episode 2. He was watching something fascinating during Season 2, Episode 3. On that basis, we…

6 Classic Ads That Were Made by Their Songs [Video]

You can't hear these ditties without thinking of the related spots

At some point in the history of advertising, somebody realized that one of the best ways to sell an ad is to attach it to a song the target demographic…

6 Surreal Toons That Made Kids' Animation What It Is Today [Video]

There is a long history of weirdness behind hit Adventure Time

If the phenomenally successful kids show Adventure Time appears to have stretched the envelope of animated reality in ways never before seen, then you have simply not been paying attention.…

6 Ads That Tell the True Story of the Cellphone [Video]

How did that thing get in your pocket? Robert Klara explains

In a single generation, the humble cellphone has gone from luggage-size utility and status symbol to universal second brain substitute and NSA tracking device. Here's how advertising sold us the…

6 Toy Ads That Transformed Toys Forever [Video]

Why do kids want the toys they want? Sam Thielman explains

From Barbie to Bratz via an army of action figures that are defnitely not dolls for boy, Sam Thielman explains how the union of broadcasters and toymakers created a multibillion…

Lingerie, Chocolate and Flowers

Adweek's Mad Woman lists her Valentine's Day essentials

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves is a true romantic. If you're paying. Some ways to her heart include: Pro Flowers Hallmark Kay Jewelers Personalised M&Ms Victoria's Secret  

Adweek's 6 Best Truck Ads

Comedian Mike Camerlengo pulls together his favorite spots

When it comes to trucks, more is more. Here are six truck ads that prove the point with pure macho glamor:   6, 5, 4, 3, 2   and 1