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Adam Moss Earns Editor of the Year for Guiding NY Magazine's Election Coverage

Donald Trump and Roger Ailes lead to a banner year

For a magazine pushing 50, New York Magazine in 2016 produced some of the most talked-about journalism of the year. The magazine's relentless reporting, playing out with its distinctive narrative…

'New York' Hires Design Director

Adam Moss poaches from 'GQ'

Five months after Condé Nast took his design director, New York magazine editor in chief Adam Moss hired a staffer of the publishing house to fill the significant spot on…

Irreplaceable You?

These Condé Nast editors in chief won't be at their magazines forever. A (premature) look at who's in the wings

They shepherd the crème de la crème of Condé Nast’s glossy magazines, wielding untold influence and earning substantial salaries. They have enviable budgets and top-flight talent at their command, their…

'New York' to Hike Cover Price

Weekly to go up to $5.99

Like most things in the city, New York magazine is about to get more expensive again. The Adam Moss-edited weekly is hiking its cover price by 20 percent to $5.99…