Topic: Ad Campaigns

Quiz: Do You Remember What These Ads Were Actually Trying to Sell?

Put your memory to the test

Do you ever remember a favorite ad campaign, but realize you've completely forgotten what the ad was actually trying to sell? It happens to the best of us. Not every campaign…

Bing Issues Pepsi-Style Challenge Against Google

Campaign calls users to take blind search test

When your direct competitor holds 67 percent market share and is synonymous with the product category itself, you have a couple of options. In the case of Microsoft’s search engine…

Draw Something, Like, Say, the Zebra From 'Madagascar 3'

Zynga's popular acquisition scores a big partnership with DreamWorks

Zynga's recently acquired game, Draw Something, which has come under some scrutiny lately for losing 5 million users last April, is focusing on the future and partnering with DreamWorks on…