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50 Cent Takes You 'In Da Hostel' for MTV Cribs-Style Tour in Amusing Ad for Hostelworld

These are some lux digs

Hostels are a great option for young travelers on a budget. But who really wants to share a room with a sketchy girl who sleepwalks and a guy who smells…

Starz Debuts Power With Video-Heavy Tweets

Challenges social network's reputation for short-form clips

Starz will debut a full-length episode of its new drama Power via Twitter tonight after posting a sneak peek that leveraged the social site's one-click video earlier today. The 50 Cent-produced…

How Selling Out Can Help or Hurt Your Band

12 case studies of cashing in, blowing up and facing the music

Musicians have always struggled with whether licensing their music or becoming a spokesperson for a brand will affect the relationship they have with their fans. Some artists have been able…