High Times Is Using Big Data to Rebrand Marijuana

Creating buzz to onboard advertisers

High Times, a monthly magazine focused on the marijuana industry, is hoping to shift the image of the cannabis industry and improve the national conversation while also attracting a broader…

7 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

NatGeo has all the right social moves

The past several days have produced plenty of data points worth knowing from the digital marketing realm. Below are seven stats that got our attention: 1. Messaging drives chatter At Facebook's annual developers conference,…

How Chipotle's Food Scares May Be Affecting Foot Traffic and Sales

Foursquare predicts sizable declines

Foursquare's data points are becoming a bigger part of its business, and this week it flexed a little muscle in that regard. Based on its Place Insights analytics tools, the mobile-app…

Viacom's Sales Chief Uses Data to Get to Know Millennials Better

Jeff Lucas' content creation game is on point

Specs Current gig Head of marketing and partner solutions, Viacom Previous gig Head of sales and marketing, music and entertainment, Viacom Age 52 Snapchat mainchair2323 Adweek: You've been in sales at Viacom for 11 years—a…

Spotify's CMO on Using Data to Learn About Millennials

And what the streaming service now knows

Spotify, the Swedish service that's brought music streaming into the mainstream, has spent nearly a decade winning over millennials. Now, with 30 million subscribers and 75 million users, it's begun…

Email Scammers Aren't Just Targeting Consumers Anymore—They're Going After Your Business

Companies lose $2.3 billion

The FBI this week issued an alert warning businesses of email scams.  The bureau said the type of fraud it refers to as "business email compromise" has cost companies around $2.3 billion globally…

Publishers Tell Ad-Blocking Browser to Back Off

But Brave says it 'is the solution, not the enemy'

The nation's most powerful publishers—including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal—sent a letter Thursday to Brave Software, accusing the company of creating a web…

9 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

Facebook Messenger usage continues to explode

The last several days were full of intriguing and surprising data points from the world of digital marketing. Below appear 9 numbers that caught our eye: 1. Quietly killing it on Facebook Whisper,…

iHeartRadio Aims to Streamline Ad Buying With Programmatic Radio

Partners with Jelli to automate the process

Jelli's new platform could help iHeartRadio rapidly ramp up programmatic advertising. Animation: Dianna McDougall; Source: Getty Images Radio advertising, one of the oldest forms of mass media, is catching up with the…

Pandora's First CMO Is Leaving the Company, the Latest in a String of Leadership Changes

Simon Fleming-Wood steps down

After joining Pandora in 2011 as the company's first chief marketing officer, Simon Fleming-Wood is stepping down from the role. The move comes on the heels of last week's news that…