If You're Into Man-on-Man Suckling, You've Come to the Right B-to-B Ad

Nourishment from customer service teat

Here's an ad that might make you question the nature of the Internet, who you are and what makes you happy. OK, maybe not all that, but it does touch…

10 YouTube Videos Everyone Is Watching

Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams, Snakes, Miley Cyrus included

With the exploding popularity of selfies (see: Ellen Degeneres at the Oscars), it's little wonder Teens React to Super Selfie was a top viral video last week. And it didn't…

Videology Taps Nielsen to Boost Marketing Across TV and Digital

Data to help target demos wherever they are

Videology, the video advertising company, has a new deal with Nielsen to use data to help TV advertisers target audiences that are watching more and more on digital channels—and that…

Don't Mind the Freaky Glowing Cloud in RPA's Lobby. It's Just Listening to the Internet

Lights up at client buzz

Ad agency RPA in Santa Monica, Calif., suddenly has quite the conversation starter in its lobby: a data-driven light sculpture called The Listening Cloud that visualizes social-media conversation about the…

Yahoo Banks on Its Data With Genome Audience Platform

First-party data trumps third party, says panel

Headlining Scott Thompson's legacy at Yahoo will probably be the swirl of events that led to his departure after only four months as CEO (though his resume may say otherwise).…

Advertising Week Day Two With Anthony Ha

Adweek staff writer Ha sees the love flowing between Foursquare and ESPN

A Conference That Hopes to Make Headlines

IAB MIXX aims for two days of newsworthiness

Conferences rarely break news. If they’re lucky, some lovably wacky exec will pull a zany antic or two, earning the meeting a headline. (Twitter’s Adam Bain pulled out a megaphone!)…

Six Questions: Ben Silverman

Advertising: 'A business that has traditionally relied on whiskey and Cokes to get through the night'

Twitter Plugging Away at Self-Serve Ad Platform

McDonald's and Pixar score most-shared tweets

  Twitter’s monetization officer has an unenviable task. The micro-blogging company, valued anywhere from $7.7 billion to $10 billion, needs to, at some point, back into some revenue. To do so,…