Lyft’s New Device Aims to Increase Safety and Eliminate Awkwardness With Drivers

Do you even Lyft, bro?Lyft, a ride-sharing service, is shaking things up in a major way. The young company, which was launched in 2012, has already gone through a few identity iterations.

Here Are the Nominees for the Second Annual #Femvertising Awards

SheKnows Media has released its list of nominees for the second annual #Femvertising Awards, honoring brands that have worked to challenge gender stereotypes.

Want to Ride in the Ecto-1 Car From Ghostbusters? Try Lyft

If you've ever dreamed of riding in one of the Cadillacs from the 1984 Ghostbusters movie, this week could be your chance.As part of a promotion around the July 15 release of the film's reboot, ride-booking app Lyft and Sony Pictures are teaming up for a campaign and free rides in five cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.

Shaquille O’Neal Goes Undercover As an Unusually Tall Lyft Driver in New Digital Spot

Would you recognize Shaquille O'Neal if he was your Lyft driver?To spoof riders in Atlanta, the ride-sharing app planted a camera in the front of a car and dressed up Shaq in wigs, beards and sunglasses under names like Pierre and Goose for a day.

Lyft Creates a Surreal, Circus-Themed Driving Scene in Its First National TV Campaign

Imagine you're stuck in summer traffic underneath a humid overpass. A booted car clunks its way along in front of you, while a group of men and women who had too much to drink the night before laugh their way through an unsuccessful sobriety test.

Facebook’s Chat App Won’t Be an Overnight Sensation for E-commerce Players

Facebook and KLM revealed Wednesday that the airline's customers can get flight confirmation, access boarding passes, receive check-in reminders and view flight status updates via Facebook Messenger.

How the Self-Driving Car Is Turning Detroit and Silicon Valley Into BFFs

General Motors today revealed that it's investing $500 million in the car-service app Lyft in a measure that is designed to empower them to beat their competitors to the self-driving future.

Verizon Is Giving Away Tons of Free Stuff on One of the Year’s Biggest Travel Days

Even if you're excited to cram stuffing and turkey down your gullet tomorrow, traveling with the 47 million other people expected to do so this Thanksgiving can be exhausting.

So, This Is Happening: Lyft Will Offer Justin Bieber’s New Album for Half Price

Both Lyft and Uber like to pontificate about how consumers will someday use their mobile apps for all kinds of things involving cars—not just rides. Now, Lyft is taking a step in that direction by getting into your digital-music playlist.

Twitter Is Now Letting Apps Advertise With Video

Twitter's video ads are looking for a little more action. For the first time, the microblogging platform is allowing advertisers to drive app installs directly from promoted videos, the company announced today.