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The Passion of the Fan

Consumers want more from their sports brands...more digital content, more entertainment, more fun

Today’s sports fan does a lot more than root, root, root for the home team. Digital media has forever changed how fans interact with the athletes, teams, leagues and sports brands…

The Connected Fan

Today's sports stadiums are wired for a better fan experience to "compete with the couch"

The Barclays Center, the brand-new billion-dollar home of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, is all about creating a high-tech experience for fans. It’s full of tricked-out features to make it easy…

Fútbol Fanatics

CMN Sports helps brands use soccer to reach Hispanics

How popular is soccer in the U.S. today? It may not be at the level it is in Europe or Latin America, but the growing legion of fútbol fans has…

A Fan's View of Strategy

Omnigon supplements its technological expertise with a fervor for sports

This past baseball season, Fox Sports’ regional networks gave fans a new way to watch thousands of games by launching a robust second-screen app to enhance the TV broadcast. Game…

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