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Jukebox Hero With its Arsenal of Music Players, Video Games, and Other Digital Place-Based Media

AMI Entertainment Reigns at the Local Bars and Eateries

A century ago, AMI Entertainment unveiled the ultimate in cutting-edge technology for barroom amusement. It was—get this—a coin-operated player piano! You could choose your song for a penny a play. Today,…

Out of Home

Run from Interactive Digital Displays to Traditional Billboards, Out-Of-Home is on an Upswing

True, out-of-home advertising has yet to reach the futuristic level seen in the movie Minority Report, where Gap ads speak to customers on a personal level (“Hello, Mr. Yokomoto—welcome back…

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AMI Entertainment Network reaches a global audience through its compelling and diverse digital entertainment portfolio. From touchscreen games and jukeboxes to streaming news and video programming, AMI provides content-rich entertainment solutions to over 125,000 bars, restaurants, and retailers around the globe.

AMI Entertainment

EYE is a leading Out-of-Home media supplier made up of four products: * Eye Fly: Internal, external airport signage * Eye Shop: Shopping mall media * Eye Drive: Large format roadside billboards * Eye Study: Higher education institution signage

EYE Corp

StoreBoard Media has the exclusive right to place advertising on security pedestals located in major retail chains throughout the United States and Canada.

Storeboard Media