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The Time for Tablets

In 2011, the iPad took on all comers, and publishers and advertisers discovered this was the mobile format for deeper engagement... Now, what’s next?

Tablets could be one of the most paradoxical—and hyperbolic—technologies to ever hit the marketplace. Are they handy gadgets or platforms for wizardry? Are they simply smartphones with bigger screens or…

The Multi-Tablet Household

It took decades for households to have more than one car, one phone or one TV. It took nearly 10 years for households to have more than a single PC…

Location, Location, Location

Mobile ads aim for “of-the-moment” targeting, anywhere and everywhere; that’s why all mobile is local

During mid-January—one of the hottest times for sales of big- screen TVs—users of Pandora’s iPhone app found themselves directed to their nearest Best Buy to find a deal on a…

The Mobile Advisor

Consumers turn to smartphones for peer opinions and content

If a mobile device is the modern shopper’s constant companion, what advice does it offer? Can it determine if a person looks good in an outfit? Can it tell a…

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