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The Challenge of the Multiscreen World

Tackling ROI and targeting in cross-platform campaigns

Today’s consumers are multiscreen junkies. They jump from device to device over the course of the day, not limiting themselves to a single screen for a single task. Instead, they…

AcuityAds Goes Video

Extends its real-time bidding platform into online video advertising

As online video takes over as one of the dominant content formats on the Web, it seems only natural that the technologies used to deliver digital display advertising will move…

Getting More Out of Pay-Per-Click

adMarketplace improves syndicated search transparency

When you think about search, it’s easy to limit your view to Google and Yahoo!/Bing. After all, about 70 percent of all searches take place via those sites. But the…

Data Gets the Human Touch

Communispace’s online communities give brands access to the consumer’s voice

Today’s marketers are awash in data and metrics telling them what their consumers prefer and how they act. But what this information often can’t reveal is the “whys” driving consumer…

Location, Location, Location

xAd gets a truer read on mobile-local targeting

The power of mobile advertising comes in location targeting—the ability to serve a search or display ad that is both contextually and geographically relevant. The question is: What do you…

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