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Changing the Game

16 Women Who Personify Innovation

Visionaries. Innovators. Pioneers. Trendsetters. Each year, Advertising Women of New York honors the true catalysts of innovation with the Changing the Game Awards. These are the women who are making bold…


Changing the way a brand or product is marketed

  Leslie Berland American Express   Social media is proving to be a game changer for American Express, not just as a marketing tool, but as a viable way to grow its business. Just…

Paradigm Shift

Changing the way a customer segment or target audience is approached

  Stevie Benjamin MillerCoors   Stevie Benjamin is a big believer in branded content and entertainment. And if MillerCoors’ media director can’t find the right property to tell the beer brand’s stories, then she’ll…

Quantum Leap

Changing the way an organization is aligned to proactively meet new challenges

  Leontyne Green IKEA   Leontyne Green knows a thing or two about assembling cabinets—both the kitchen kind and the advisory kind. When she first took over as CMO of IKEA North America, one…

No Apologies

Creating whole new business models, industries or marketplace opportunities

  Leah Busque TaskRabbit   Leah Busque and her husband were on their way out for a nice evening when they suddenly realized they’d forgotten to buy dog food for their hungry 100-pound Lab.…

AWNY Changing the Game: Special Tribute Gallery

  View our sponsor gallery saluting the 16 winners of AWNY's 2013 Changing the Game awards.