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CBS Television Network

The network is a hit with advertisers. But then, CBS helped pioneered the ad game.

Earlier this month, Les Moonves—the never-shy CEO and president of CBS Corporation—raised eyebrows with a bold prediction to investors and analysts: a double-digit ad sales increase in this month’s upfront…

Lifetime Achievement: Mary Wells

Legendary for her risk-taking and originality, Mary Wells became an ad industry inspiration

No fictional book, movie, or even critically acclaimed cable TV show on the advertising business could create a character who broke ground quite like the real-life Mary Wells. Wells was…

Agency Award: Deutsch, Inc.

The agency succeeds at appealing to youth - and recruiting them to the ad biz

The Green Bay Packers weren’t the only winners at the Super Bowl this year. Deutsch, Inc.’s Los Angeles office also scored a huge victory with the debut of a Volkswagen…