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RMG Networks Activates Its Customers

  • October 14 2011

As the mobile and social channels expand into place-based advertising RMG Networks (RMG) is working with marketers to engage consumers and move them toward activation. To that end, RMG has been partnering with recognized leaders in the social, mobile and local space to combine new marketing tactics with its already impressive digital place-based media network. 

“We are adding the ability for advertisers to activate their customers, tap the local, mobile and social channels and use screens in even more engaging ways,” says Chuck Strottman, RMG’s senior director of marketing. “That’s the future.”

As a leading digital place-based media company, RMG is a pioneer in the space. Combining the power of place and context at a scale on pace with some cable channels, RMG has generated impressive results for its advertising partners. Market leaders in a variety of industries have tapped RMG’s media assets to move the needle on their marketing objectives.

Making use of the emerging near field communication (NFC) mobile technology, RMG and technology partner Blue Bite launched a place-based media network that exists entirely on mobile devices. Test locations for this new media network were deployed around San Francisco and will roll out to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. Inaugural sponsor Hotels.com is using the new platform on RMG’s NYTimes.com Today Network.

"We are well ahead of the curve,” says Strottman. “At the moment, there are only a few hundred thousand NFC phones, but we expect the adoption curve will spike. RMG will be there when this space takes off. It’s really cool technology.”

Working with social media partner LocaModa, RMG launched a location-based service using Foursquare to filter social streams and allow advertisers to further engage with customers at the point of purchase. Venues are able to post Foursquare updates, taking the service from individual screens to a shared experience. Venues using the Foursquare application have seen a 132 percent increase in check-ins compared with locations that have not adopted the location-based service, RMG notes.

With Monster Media, RMG is looking to deepen digital place-based engagement by encouraging consumers to interact with the screens—play games, post pictures and participate in polls related to DOOH content. “The possibilities for this platform present an exciting new frontier for customer engagement,” Strottman says.

These new platforms will further the reach of RMG’s nationwide digital place-based networks, which are currently seen by nearly 60 million viewers every month. The three primary offerings include: Business Traveler Network, which includes in-flight entertainment, airport private lounges, CNN Airport, Amtrak trains and private fixed-base operators; Fitness & Wellness Network, which engages consumers in health clubs and pharmacies; and RMG Local Network, which is seen in cafés, and taxis via the company’s NYTimes.com Today and the Taxi Magic Network.

“Unlike companies that have a single network, we have the ability to surround advertisers’ target audiences,” says Strottman. “For instance, our Fitness and Wellness Network includes both health clubs and pharmacies—an effective combination for many advertisers.”

For advertisers, RMG’s networks allow messages to be presented in places where consumers don’t have their TV remote control and fast forward buttons, like the seatback screens of domestic airlines or big-city taxis.

In one recent initiative, Lincoln executed a two-month campaign using RMG’s in-flight media assets, resulting in a significant lift in brand favorability, brand associations and attributes, and a 286 percent increase in purchase consideration. Another with Yahoo! and Kinetic/DMG resulted in unaided recall rates of 23 percent compared to 10 percent for in-home TV.

“Video with sight, sound and motion is the most effective medium for communicating, short of direct one-on-one selling,” says Strottman. “We are pushing the industry to tomorrow by taking this powerful awareness vehicle and using it to activate consumers.”


The RMG Local Network, seen in cafes and retail sites, uses NYTimes.com Today to reach 7 million monthly viewers.