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Johnson & Johnson

Advertiser Award
  • May 14 2012

There’s no denying Johnson & Johnson’s impact as a marketer—the company estimates that its health care brands touch as many as a billion people worldwide every day. It’s no surprise then that J&J makes community involvement and outreach a priority, whether through commercial ventures such as BabyCenter or through causes such as children’s health or supporting the nursing profession.

Case in point: When the AEF was established in 1983, J&J was the first advertiser to back the organization and its mission of providing educational content to enrich the understanding of advertising and its role in culture, society and the economy. Nearly three decades later, J&J is still pledging support both financially and through involvement with AEF programs. The AEF’s Alex notes that Johnson & Johnson has been a proven leader in the advertising industry, “through their business ethics, their interest and contributions to the improvement of our society and their work in the area of social responsibility.”

One example is the involvement of seasoned J&J staff in the AEF’s speaker program , visiting colleges to talk about advertising with students and professors  “It’s a mini executive-in-residence program that is tailored to the speaker’s expertise and areas of interest and professors’ requests,” Alex explains.   

As a result of its outstanding work with AEF and within the industry, J&J will be honored with the Advertiser Award. Kimberly Kadlec, worldwide VP of the Global Marketing Group, will accept this honor.
As for AEF’s future with J&J, Alex says it hopes “to renew and build closer relationships and to engage their participation in our educational programs and activities on and off college campuses.” A pledge that once again J&J will no doubt be first to take.