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  • April 22 2011

Available in more than 380 million households around the globe,1 CNBC has built an enviable reputation as the worldwide leader in business news. Indeed, according to the 2011 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey3, CNBC is the first source many C-level executives, business leaders, and other decision-makers turn to for breaking financial information.

CNBC’s coverage is at the forefront of the economy, empowering viewers with 16 hours of live original programming daily and real-time financial market coverage throughout the Business Day.

Cross-Platform ACCESS
In addition to its broad on-air global reach, CNBC’s multiple platforms provide instant, real-time access to even more content.

CNBC.com is the online destination for even more global financial business news and analysis, stock quotes, and industry-related blogs. CNBC’s coverage of significant world events provides advertisers with a unique platform to showcase their creative message to an affluent and engaged audience.

CNBC’s industry-leading platforms provide instant access, extending its dynamic programming, credible analysis, and actionable content to on-the-go viewers anytime, anywhere. CNBC Real-Time arms viewers with up-to-the-minute market information they need to stay ahead, including the CNBC iPhone and iPad app, CNBC HD+, CNBC Mobile, and much more.

Through cutting-edge, innovative, custom-based solutions, CNBC offers advertisers a cross-media platform with unrivaled opportunity to reach an affluent and powerful audience around the world on-air, online, and beyond. You can align your brand with “Fast, Accurate, Actionable, Unbiased” information through custom solutions:

-Real-time news ticker sponsorship
-Custom commercial development
-High-profile live events
-Custom & contextual alignment
-CNBC Digital

Squawk Box: This pre-market morning news and talk program is where the biggest names in business news and politics bring their perspectives to the leading stories of the day. Running the show: hosts Joe Kernen, Carl Quintanilla, and Becky Quick.

Street Signs: Live from CNBC’s global headquarters this program tackles breaking stories and offers detailed analysis of everything from mergers and acquisitions to trends in online advertising. Erin Burnett hosts.

Closing Bell: Knowing that what happens during the last hour of trading is often what matters most, CNBC is on the floor with that insight as the day winds down. Maria Bartiromo hosts.

primetime: CNBC Primetime extends the power of Business Day to compelling programming that reaches CNBC’s core audience. Drawing on the talent of CNBC anchors and contributors, CNBC Primetime takes viewers inside the most powerful topics in business today. This special programming focuses on going deep into the business world with original documentaries, exclusive town halls, business biographies, topical specials and targeted theme weeks.

Award-winning programs include: How I Made My Millions, American Greed, Biography on CNBC, 60 Minutes on CNBC, CNBC Titans.

Plus, CNBC Originals feature exclusive, revealing, and award-winning documentaries that provide unprecedented access to the biggest stories in business.

The following is a snapshot of the typical CNBC viewer:
-$1.27 million average net worth
-$242,300 average household income
-$862,500 average liquid assets
-CNBC reaches more affluence than all other business media
-60 percent cited CNBC as an important source for investment decision-making
-54 percent say they pay more attention when they watch CNBC than any other TV network
-67 percent say CNBC is a trustworthy environment for advertising
-57 percent say CNBC advertisers are leaders in their fields3

Robert Foothorap - VP, CNBC Global Sales
212-664-5162  cnbcmediasales.com 
SVP, CNBC Digital Media & Mobile Ad Sales


SOURCES: 1. WW excl. US: CNBC Network Distribution Jan. 2011, US: Nielsen Peoplemeter Jan. 2011. Includes total Asia, total EMEA & total Americas (incl. Day part programming, excl. hotels, commercial establishments and CNBC World); 2. 2010 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey HHI $100K+ HH weight. Weighted by hours viewed; 3. Mendelsohn Affluent Survey—CNBC 2011 Business Media Re-Contact Study; 4. 2009-2010 Erdos & Morgan Professional Investment Community Survey (U.S.)

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