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Driving Leads to the Showroom
  • May 23 2011

Recognizing a growth opportunity, Cars.com launched its mobile site in 2007—the first in-market site to bring vehicle listings to the mobile web. Building on the success of the mobile site, Cars.com developed an iPhone application more than a year ago that was featured in the iTunes market, and recently launched an application to meet the car shopping needs of Android users. Cars.com is committed to introducing new products and evolving existing products for continued innovation in the mobile space.

By building platforms around the mobile audience, Cars.com creates a more meaningful shopping experience for consumers, who range from shoppers on the lot to prospects conducting pre-buying research. The majority of mobile users spend time interacting with inventory listings, a competitive differentiator. Consumers can also filter and sort based on their search preferences, providing them with a personalized experience. Cars.com’s mobile products allow car shoppers to access the content necessary to make informed purchases anywhere, anytime.

The mobile site and applications offer Cars.com advertising clients an opportunity to connect with an engaged audience of on-the-go, in-market shoppers who are, in many cases, undecided on which vehicle to buy. Through their partnership with advertisers and strong relationships with dealers in local markets, Cars.com is helping to convert consumers and drive leads to dealerships.

Cars.com is in the process of surveying our shoppers to better understand how they use our products and properties in the car buying process.  Results will be available next month.

About Us:
Cars.com strives to make car buying and selling a great experience.  As a result, its mobile products include content and functionality tailored to meet the needs of consumers on the go.  So whether at home or on the lot, shoppers have access to Cars.com trusted content, allowing them to feel confident in their purchase decisions.


Mobile Site
More than 80% of mobile screen views are spent performing searches

 More than 1 million downloads

71% of search visitors view photos

Typical mobile path includes search results, vehicle details, and photos

1/3 of Cars.com vehicle searches come from mobile

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