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adMarketplace Delivers Accountability

Syndicated search for the world beyond Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • October 28 2011

There’s a world of search advertising beyond the first-tier sites of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search syndication provider adMarketplace works with advertisers of all sizes to help them get a bigger payoff from their pay-per-click efforts by delivering traffic sources outside of the big three engines.

For many advertisers, adMarketplace is not a replacement for top-tier search. Rather, it is a way to extend the reach of their pay-per-click ads, ideally increasing overall performance and results. “We’re redefining how you serve ads with accountability and flexibility,” says Jamie Hill, CEO of adMarketplace. “When you’ve maxed out your efficiencies on the search engines, we’ll give you that extra 10 to 15 percent lift through our publisher network.”

MediaVest used adMarketplace to broaden the penetration of ads being placed for a client’s heart disease medication. The primary goal was to expand the drug’s reach and drive qualified users to the site. Because ROI on major search had maxed out, adMarketplace had MediaVest spend its budget incrementally on its traffic. During the first two weeks of the effort, adMarketplace aggressively optimized against performance feedback, and by the end of the one-month campaign, adMarketplace delivered a cost per lead better than the client’s goal. Ultimately, adMarketplace achieved a better cost per conversion than the major search engines combined, saving MediaVest $0.47 per conversion, according to adMarketplace.

Similarly, when ADT Consumer needed to increase lead generation for its security services, its media agency Mindshare launched a 30-day test campaign with four vendors: adMarketplace, a social vendor, a search retargeting vendor and a search engine. Once the test was completed, adMarketplace’s cost per lead was about a quarter of what it was at the other outlets. “adMarketplace delivered the highest performing traffic and most efficient prices daily,” notes Frank Rivera, digital director of marketing for ADT. “adMarketplace...proved to be the only vendor tested to drive leads at an efficient CPL.” adMarketplace’s data-driven technology platform is used to derive ROI from a wide range of global traffic sources. Publishing options targeted can include type-in domain (where an Internet user types search terms into the browser nav¬igation bar instead of a search engine), toolbar search, opt-in email, rollover, contextual and mobile.

The platform itself features tools for filtering, scoring and pricing, as well as a robust analytics suite. For large marketers, adMarketplace is offered as a managed service working with the company’s staff, and it is available as a self-serve service to advertisers of all sizes.

According to Hill, adMarketplace has seen its business increase 80 percent over the last year, and its headcount nearly double to more than 100 employees. On any given day, it may be serving upwards of 10,000 clients representing a range of vertical industries such as education, pharmaceuticals, insurance, auto, finance, legal and lead generation.

“It’s a good way to get a lot of reach and it’s efficient pricewise,” says Jim Grates, search engine marketing director at Media Contacts, the interactive arm of Havas Digital. “They have a nice mix of reach and qualified traffic, with queries looking for something specific as well as contextual ads to promote awareness.”