Trouble in Paradise: It’s Splitsville for Politico Couple

By Betsy Rothstein Comment

Politico‘s famously engaged couple called off their wedding over the weekend in a very public breakup on Facebook. The ordeal was so shocking that one of our tipsters got confused and thought the whole thing was a joke.

But no joke.

Jay Westcott, a staff photographer, and Madeline Marshall, a video producer, became engaged in June after dating for two years. At the time, the newsroom was all gushing sentiment for the couple. But over the weekend news of their breakup spread like wildfire as Marshall changed her Facebook status from “engaged” to “single.”

That’s when things got ugly.

After Marshall changed her status, Westcott commented: “That was easy for you.” She also changed her profile picture and Westcott remarked: “I took that. Take it down.”

Eventually Westcott seemed to regain his composure and declared, “I am devastated. I have to get off Facebook.”

But Facebook soon became an outpouring of sympathy, with friends telling him they’d be there for him for whatever he needs. Well, how about a car? He mentioned that he no longer has one since the couple shared it. He’s also stuck in an apartment 10 minutes from the Politico newsroom where he got down on one knee and proposed. “Stuck in the apartment we called home,” Westcott wrote.

One thing friends won’t be able to help with is returning the ring. Too late. “Wouldn’t you know it, I’m outside the return period to return the ring. #fml,” Westcott added.

Damn. So much for Mike Allen officiating the nuptials.

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