Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek.
Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering digital marketing trends, social platforms, ad tech and emerging tech.

5 Ways Visa Plans to Stand Out With Digital at the World Cup

With digital accounting for 30 percent of Visa’s global marketing spend, the financial giant’s World Cup media plan kicks into gear today via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter placements. This year’s World Cup is the marketer’s second time sponsoring the tournament as one FIFA’s global official advertisers.

Lowe’s Tests 3D Technology Booths

Are consumers ready for Star Trek-like experiences that turn in-store shopping into 3D virtual models? Lowe’s thinks so and is rolling out installations into two Canadian stores that use augmented reality to create virtual replicas of their home improvement projects.

MobileROI Tries to Link Cross-Device Behavior With New Marketing Tool

Macy’s, Gannett and BMW (BMWi Ventures is an investor) are all testing a new marketing tool from Mobile ROI called Mobile Marketing Cloud that hopes to sync up cross-channel marketing.

Coca-Cola Bolsters QuizUp Content to Include 40 Categories

On Wednesday, Coca-Cola will launch a new section of branded content in the QuizUp gaming app to include more than 18,000 World Cup trivia questions specific to each country competing in the tournament

EBay Reportedly Shutting Down Same-Day Delivery Service [Updated]

EBay may be closing shop on its same-day eBay Now delivery service.

Adidas’ New World Cup Ads Make Use of Trivia and Maps

Adidas’ "Desafio Tudo ou Nada" campaign ("Challenge All or Nothing") launching Thursday will test out a few new types of digital ads from Google. The World Cup sponsor relied on the help of Lew Lara/TBWA and in developing Web, mobile and video ads to support a microsite that doles out daily trivia questions and prizes to sports fans.

Hyundai’s Times Square Billboard Goes Digital for World Cup Build Up

Tumblr will be making a big splash in New York's Times Square, taking over Hyundai’s massive billboard today as part of its ambitious World Cup sponsorship campaign.

Why Microsoft Is Wrapping Location-Based Ads Around Retail Stores

Microsoft plans to open five stores this month to get to its 100th North American location since getting into retail game a few years ago. The tech brand has dramatically grown its merchant presence, adding 50 shops in the last several months. 

Why Pay for Creative When Selfies Will Do?

Long considered a staple in building consumer trust, social and mobile user-generated campaigns are now putting creative twists on offline marketing tactics that seek to win over fickle millennials.

Pampers Plans to Ramp Up Global Unicef Campaign With ‘Always On’ Digital Approach

Pampers' partnership with Unicef to build awareness around maternal and newborn tetanus vaccines has grown significantly since its inception in 2006. Adweek chatted earlier this week with Procter & Gamble's Nada Dugas, communications director of baby care, about how the program has evolved with a heavier digital push that plays up video and social sharing to deliver 300 mill