Erik Oster

Erik Oster is a staff writer for Adweek, where he covers creative, media and strategy agencies. He is a frequent writer for Adweek's AgencySpy blog.

DreamWorks Markets Lassie as Merchandising Star

When DreamWorks bought the rights to Lassie in 2012, it seemed like an odd move. The fading brand didn't appear to have much clout in an era ruled by viral video sensations like Grumpy Cat, and the bucolic adventures the canine embarked on in her heyday hardly seemed primed for a reboot. But instead of films, DreamWorks is reimagining the character as a merchandising star.

Twitter Experiments With Favorited Tweets in Timeline

Twitter is experimenting with highlighting favorited tweets, with a number of users seeing favorited tweets from users they follow in their timeline as well as receiving notifications when others follow new users, The Next Web reported

AppNexus Picks Up $60 Million, as Valuation Grows to $1.2 Billion

AppNexus has picked up $60 million in funding from a "large, Boston-based public equity and asset management firm," per a statement from the ad-tech company, which also revealed that an additional $40 million could be on the way from other investors.

Lands’ End Gift Doesn’t Go Over Well

When giving away a free "gift," keep your audience in mind. 

Does See-Through Packaging Really Boost Sales?

Marketers are beginning to see the benefits and pitfalls of transparent packaging more clearly.

WellPoint Is Now Anthem

The second largest insurer in the U.S., WellPoint, has decided to rebrand as Anthem, The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday.

Mobile Payment Options at the Pump Are Growing

VeriFone Systems and retail petroleum technology company Gilbarco Veeder-Root hope to entice customers to pay electronically at the gas pump.

Gilt Co-Founder Leaves for Startup

Gilt Groupe co-founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is leaving her role at the company she helped nurture from a startup idea to a global enterprise to become co-founder and CEO of Glamsquad, an app offering at-home hair and makeup services,

Twitter User Fixes Victim-Blaming Rape Prevention Poster

England's National Health Service recently recycled a rape prevention campaign poster first used between 2005 and 2007, featuring the line "One in three reported rapes happens when the victim has been drinking" over a black and white photo of a woman in distress.

Apple Hires Musa Tariq to Head Social Media Marketing

Apple gave its social media marketing department a boost with the addition of Musa Tariq as it new head digital marketing director, 9To5Mac reported.