David Griner

David Griner

David Griner is a longtime writer and editor at Adweek.
David Griner is an Adweek editor and director of digital initiatives. He's been covering agencies, creativity, technology and marketing innovation for more than a decade and is host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."

How could public not side with Red Cross?

Memo to Johnson & Johnson: Suing the American Red Cross over the use of the small red-cross symbol might not be the best way to build your brand and curry […]

Greetings, Mr. or Mrs. Bag of Mostly Water

[PHONE RINGS]  Hello?  Hello. We’re calling to let you know about a special offer on…  Excuse me. But…are you a robot?  …luxurious timeshares in…  Because, I don't talk to robots.  […]

Hamburglar cleared in burger brand theft

There are few simple pleasures I miss more from California than stopping by In-N-Out Burger for a double-double with fries and a shake. The fries are fresh-cut, the employee uniform […]

Mediocre cartoon reborn as mediocre film

How fitting that a guy no one’s heard of — Adrian Askarieh — is looking to produce a movie based on a cartoon that most people have forgotten. Yes, we’re […]

Someone get this baby a nice juicy T-bone

In my quest to ease tensions in the breast-versus-bottle wars, I believe I’ve found an answer. Surely we can all agree on one fact: This vintage Gerber ad is gross. […]

Bottles, not breasts, spark British ad battle

Having spent my entire life without breasts — no man boobs, even — I’ve never bothered to nurse an opinion on breastfeeding. Now that my close friends are breeding, I’ve […]

Jeep busts in on Elvis, Devo and John Locke

This Jeep spot by San Francisco agency Cutwater really makes you run the gamut of emotions. On the one hand, it’s always sad to see products digitally placed into historic […]

Horrifying trend? Or parenting opportunity?

A new study says that preschoolers have been brainwashed by advertising to prefer the taste of food wrapped in McDonald’s packaging. Chicken nuggets, milk and even carrots tasted better to […]

Is it time for Showtime to quit charging?

With so many original hit shows on Showtime these days, it’s hard to remember the premium channel’s 1990s tagline, “Nothing but RoboCop and soft-core skin flicks.” OK, so maybe they […]

A neat way of blowing up the fine print

Say what you will about Barry Bonds, but there’s really only one asterisk that concerns me on a daily basis. It’s the one that hovers next to almost every price […]