Macworld: iPhone’s Success Not a Sure Thing

Macworld is reporting that market analysis firms IDC and Market Insight concluded the iPhone might not be the runaway success everyone is expecting. “Despite all the hype, there is little […]

AT&T Announces Cellphone-to-Cellphone Video

AT&T’s new Video Share service allows subscribers to send live video from one cellphone to another. It’s currently available in just three cities: Atlanta, Dallas, and San Antonio. Other cities […]

Anger Unmanagement, Facebook Style

In the “This App May or May Not Spawn an Anti-Facespace Vigilante Mob” category, we have the random app Fighters’ Club (replete with appropriately-placed possessive apostrophe). Basically, Fighters’ Club is […]

Podcast Pickle on Facebook

When I was at Podcamp NYC back in April, Podcast Pickle was present, and advertising heavily. At the time I wasn’t quite aware of what services they provide. To be […]

Facebook Fills App Directory Position

I commented on Monday that the Facebook application directory was suffering major delays and suggested a new hire. Well it looks like Facebook has finally heeded my advice and is […]

Facebook Developers Group Now 60,000 Strong

While the Facebook application landscape is still in flux, one thing is for sure: there’s a ton of people signing up to learn how to hack on the Facebook Platform. […]

10 Underground Facebook Apps – Shopping, Surfing, and Stats

How many Facebook applications have been created? According to the Application Directory, only 763 are available. If I were to guess, I’d say more in the range of 2,500. To […]

A Friendly Radio Station

This is one of the coolest applications I’ve seen yet. One Bix Mix enables users to stream music to and from their Facebook friends. When you download the One Big […]

Have a Blog? Get a Flog!

Want a quick and easy way to get your blog onto your Facebook profile? Thanks to Justin Rosenthal and Ryan Colwell now you can! Prior to this application all you […]

More on YouTube’s Global Ambitions

YouTube is expanding its worldwide network. The Guardian reports that the two-year-old video site will soon offer access to local sites in countries such as France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, […]