Research Cars on the Go

The next time you’re at a car dealer, and the salesperson says something questionable – you know, that your 2004 Lexus is really only worth $4,000 on a trade-in – […]

Petbook: Facebook is not just for people

I now have proof that animal lovers will take over the world. A couple of new Facebook apps called Catbook and Dogbook let you set up a profile for your […]

Date Rate Lets You Get Back at Bad Dates

Have you ever wanted a way to let others know about how bad one of your dates was so they could avoid such a bad experience? Want a way to […]

Get A Date on Facebook has released an application for Facebook that matches you up with dates and wingmen. It is a pretty slick application but currently only has a few people on it. […]

Trakzor – Facebook profile tracker?

There’s a lot of confusion on Facebook currently around the new Trakzor Facebook app. Many people know Trakzor as the popular MySpace profile tracker, so it’s understandable why many people […]

Is Yahoo Buying Facebook?

There is a rumor circulating around the internet that Yahoo is buying Facebook for the sum of $2 billion. While there is the potential of Facebook getting bought especially with […]

Share Classnotes & Exams With Scribd

Looking for a school wide repository of class notes and past quizzes, tests, and exams? Scribd’s “Docs” application provides just that. Upload your class notes, find quizzes and exams to […]

Visit Your Friends With Smarter Travel

Want a quick and easy way to find cheap deals on flights to visit your friends? Smarter Travel just released an application that allows you to find great deals on […]

Coca-Cola To Launch Mobile “Teenager Hangout”

Reuters is reporting that Coca-Cola is creating a mobile social network for teenagers. Similar to MySpace or Facebook, the new network will “lure more youngsters to its sodas and flavored […]

Desired Facebook Feature of the Moment

So over the past few days I have been testing out all of the new applications that are being added to Facebook. Trust me, this is no easy task (especially […]