Social Marketing and Consumers: 4 Distribution Strategies That Are Still Effective

Opinion: While creating high-quality content is essential, it won’t do you any good if no one sees it. You have to get it to the right people—your target audience—to attract new customers.

Twitter’s Notifications Tab Just Got Much More Crowded

Twitter quietly tweaked its notifications tab in its flagship iOS and Android applications and the web.

These 39 Trends Are Ruling Back to School (and Work) on Pinterest

Like it or not, retailers’ back-to-school promotions are rearing their ugly heads, and Pinterest dug into ideas that have been popular in searches and saves for its 2017 Back to School Report.

Google’s Trusted Contacts App Now Lets iOS Users Share Their Locations

The app allows users to share their location with "trusted" contacts even if they're offline or are unable to get to their devices.

5 Things to Think About When Moving From Managed to Self-Service Social

Opinion: Once an agency decides that self-service is the best path forward, addressing these five considerations will ensure the transition is smooth, swift and successful.

It’s LinkedIn’s Turn to Enable Brands to Track Which Audience Types Visit Their Sites

LinkedIn Wednesday announced the launch of LinkedIn Website Demographics, a new tool that enables brands to tap into data from the professional network to see who has been visiting their websites.

LinkedIn Users Can Now Share Multiple Photos in a Single Post

LinkedIn users now have the ability to share multiple photos in a single post.

What Happens to Flash-Powered Facebook Games When Adobe Scuttles the Format in 2020?

Facebook is teaming up with Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Unity on a migration path for developers with Flash-powered games on Facebook.

During Every Minute on the Internet … (Infographic)

People in the U.S. use an average of nearly 2.658 million gigabytes of Internet data every minute, but on what?

Giphy GIF Maker Lets Mobile Web Users Create GIFs Without an App

Users can create GIFs by importing images or video clips from their devices or taking new pictures with the GIF Maker.